Marcie LaCerte

b. 1994 in Vancouver, Canada

Raised in Minnesota

Currently resides in New York, NY


Upright Citizens Brigade / Improv 101 (2019)

Minneapolis College of Art and Design / BFA in Animation (2014-2016)

University of California, Los Angeles / Unfinished BA in Psychology (2012-2014)


Light Grey Art Lab / Artist in Residence (2019)

Loeb Awards / Quartz, Finalist for Video (2019)

Webby Awards / Quartz, Nominee for Video: News & Politics (2019)

James Beard Awards / NPR, Finalist for Online Video, on Location (2019)

White House News Photographers Association / NPR, Second Place for Explainers (2019)

Brazil's Independent Games Festival / Nominee for Best Narrative (2017)

Vimeo / Staff Pick (2017)

AniJam North / Best Environment Design (2016)

MCAD / Presidential Scholarship (2014-2016)

Made @ MCAD / Best in Show (2016)


Farewell to Penn Station / Short film, independent (in progress)

The early internet is breaking (Quartz) / Documentary, collaborative (2019)

The secret life of kids on YouTube (Quartz) / Documentary, collaborative (2018)

The Shrek fandom (Quartz) / Documentary (2018)

How To Stop Being A People Pleaser and What We Might Learn In Couples Therapy (The School of Life) / Commission (2018)

How To Find Morels, Winter Foraging, and Foraging a Wild Lunch (NPR) / Documentary series, collaborative (2018)

The Marshmallow Test (NPR) / Commission (2018)

Why Cities Are Still So Segregated (NPR) / Documentary, collaborative (2018)

Summer of Love / Short film, independent (2017)

Tales of Untimely Deaths / Short film, collaborative (2016)

The Little Ships / Short film, independent (2015)

Thporth! / Short film, independent (2015)


An Afternoon Rippling / Game (2016-2019)

A Theory of Chaos / Interactive essay (2019)

"Bricks: Layers of Intrigue" (Quartz) / Article (2019)

"TikTok: Internet hellscape or #goodcontent?" (Quartz) / Article (2019)

"Hulu's 'Fyre Fraud' vs. Netflix's 'Fyre': A Scorecard" (Quartz) / Article (2019)

"How I became one of the animators of 'Shrek Retold,' a crowdsourced remake of 'Shrek'" (Quartz) / Article (2019)

Neo Noboru / Game, collaborative (2017)

Social Media Bio Generator / Website (2016)

The Complete Encyclopaedia of Humanity / Website (2015)



Freelance / Animator, video editor, and illustrator (2017-present)

Quartz / Animator (2018-2019)

NPR / Video Intern (2017-2018)

MCAD Pre-College Summer Session / Teaching Assistant (2016)

Altered Esthetics / Curatorial Intern (2016)

Independent Filmmaker Project / JuiceMedia Intern (2015-2016)


Game Curator, “An Afternoon Rippling” (2019)

Rock Paper Shotgun, “An Afternoon Rippling wants to take you on a very peculiar hike” (2019)

Vice – Motherboard, "More Than 200 Artists Remade 'Shrek' Scene-by-Scene and Boy It Looks Weird" (2018)

Cartoon Brew, "200 Artists Collaborated On A Remake Of Dreamworks’ ‘Shrek’" (2018)

Cartoon Brew, “Short Pick Of The Day” (2018)

Aeon, “Why racial segregation is a design feature, not a bug, of US cities” (2018)

Vice - The Creators Project (China), "季节动画 | 夏日之爱不到来" (2018)

Girls in Film, “Summer of Love: A short animation for lonely girls in the summertime” (2017)

It’s Nice That, “Marcie LaCerte’s obscure animation follows the pursuit of some summer love” (2017)

So The Theory Goes, “Ones to Watch: Summer of Love” (2017)



(612) 244-7562

225 E 96th Street, New York, NY 10128