Simone was late. Derren couldn't wait to get to work. Clay confronted his claustrophobia by taking the metro for the first time in years, though was on the verge of puking. Selma realized that she had left her wallet at home. Georgia wondered if she had left the stove on, or the windows unlocked, or the children unattended, or the plants unwatered, or the bread on the table. Edith felt perfectly comfortable amongst the crowd. Lucy was trying not to cry, but everyone was staring at her, and they all knew, and they all hated her. Reynold felt ugly. Morgan didn't sleep last night and was afraid of passing out on the metro. Randall just proposed to his girlfriend, and she said no. Susanna folded out her newspaper and hoped no one would talk to her. Samuel was drunk, again. Earl wondered about the lives of everyone passing by him. Elizabeth cradled her newborn baby and the world shone in technicolor. Justin wondered if anyone knew that his body was secretly hideous underneath his trench coat. Ronald could feel his bald spot sweating beneath his fedora. Karen knew that wool irritated her skin, but she didn't care, because her coat was double-breasted and camel-colored, and she felt like a million bucks. Margaret wondered why she even stayed at her job when her boss obviously despised her. Scott fell asleep. Benjamin pushed up his glasses and looked down at his shoes. Annie felt like she was mingling with the rich and elite. Debra found loose change in her pocket and nearly cried. Douglas didn't feel like there was a point. Evelyn was just proposed to, and she said yes. John craned his neck to get a good look at the walking woman in furs. Louise felt nothing. Charles thought everything and everyone looked fascinating and struck up a conversation with the woman reading a newspaper. Ruth forgot to eat breakfast. Earl had porridge and biscuits in the morning. Kevin was furious at his son. Marylyn tried to avoid staring at the handsome young man carrying a puppy in his lap. Christine tried to avoid staring at the beautiful young woman in blue. Solomon wondered if anyone noticed how profusely he sweat.

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