Mar 4, 12:34 pm

coming to terms with the incontrivertible FACT that my productivity is at its peak when i am sitting on the couch under a blanket drawing on my iPad listening to "Grey," which is "50 Shades Of Grey" as told from the POV of Christian Grey. it is completely deranged and i can't stop sending audio selects to my friends. do i wish things were different? yes, but at the same time, no. do my friends wish things were different? for many, yes of course. (for others, we are hand-in-hand on the sinking ship.) how many group chats have muted me? at least two. should i stop? probably, but i have 13 more hours of content to get through.


Oct 25, 1:20 pm

I'm gonna get back into experimental comics. There's nothing better than experimental comics.

Oct 20, 11:15 am

had a dream last night that i screened my film for my friends and everyone was confused by it and didn't like it. also trisha paytas was there, showing off a zine she made. my friends seemed to like her zine

Oct 13, 11:21 am

my favorite part of animating is shutting down and restarting and uninstalling and reinstalling every adobe program on my desktop

Oct 12, 1:50 pm

Hello! This is a test.