Old Lesbians

Compostudio, 2023

I art directed and animated this documentary about—what else?—old lesbians.

Additional animation from Dani Nunes, Meghan McDonough, and Rengim Mutevellioglu.

about the art direction

Using assets from a vast archival trove, we combined digital collage with stop-motion animation to create a tactile, scrapbook feel reminiscent of Joseph Cornell's shadow boxes. We animated around fifteen minutes of animation in just under two months.


Directed & Edited by: Meghan McDonough

Cinematography & Creative Director: Rengim Mutevellioglu

Art Director & Animation: Marcie LaCerte

Producer: Stevie Borrello

Cinematography: Cassie Coker

Animation: Dani Nunes

Sound Design & Composition: Tori Abreu dos Santos

Production Counsel: Matthew Rogers

Research Assistants: Cassidy Duncan, Helena Ravix, Sheridan Cole

Digital Intermediate Services provided by: Sodalite Color

Re-recording Mixer: Sam Beneitone, Tori Abreu dos Santos

Colorist: Tam Le

DI Coordinator: John Daniels-Riveros

mood board

color palette