Vox, 2020-2021

I worked as a motion designer for Vox's documentary Netflix show Explained under the art direction of Caresse Haaser on the following episodes: Get Rich Quick, Credit Cards, Sugar, Chess, Plastic Surgery, Time, Fairy Tales, and Personality.

Credits (for these episodes)

Narrators: Tiffany Haddish, Jane Lynch, Kerri Russell, Rainn Wilson, Kim Cattrall, Joseph-Gordon Levitt, Ruth Negga, and Julianne Moore

Producers: Tanya Lukyanova, Marie Cascione

Associate Producers: Tyrice Hester, Shelby Boamah, Youssef Daniel

Art Director: Caresse Haaser

Motion Designer: Marcie LaCerte

Junior Motion Designer: Lynn Hwirin Park

Editors: David Seekamp, Nora Tennessen

Archival Producer: Liam Brooks

Associate Archival Producer: Arsh Harjani

Showrunner: Claire Gordon

Get Rich Quick

Money, Explained

Credit Cards

Money, Explained

Additional animation by Lynn Hwirin Park and Caresse Haaser.


Explained, Season 3


Explained, Season 3

Additional animation by Po-Chen Chia.

Fun fact: I was mercilessly cyberbullied for committing a grave, life-threatening, cardinal sin against the robust Reddit chess fandom.

Plastic Surgery

Explained, Season 3

Additional animation and assets by Lynn Hwirin Park and Caresse Haaser.


Explained, Season 3

Fairy Tales

Explained, Season 3

Additional assets by Taili Wu and Brian Haimes.

Visual development

We worked with the wonderful stop motion artists/puppeteers Taili Wu and Brian Haimes to create the paper puppets seen at the beginning and end of this episode. I provided them with visual development sketches, including storyboards, and they delivered the handmade assets that I then digitally animated and composited.

Character designs

Storyboard for pretitle sequence


The Mind, Explained

Additional animation by Lynn Hwirin Park.