Quartz News

Quartz, 2018-2019

I was an animator for Quartz's weekly news show for Facebook Watch show under the art direction of Arielle Ray. I also contributed animation to Quartz's Webby Award-winning show Because China.

Every single episode I worked on

You don’t need more exercise, you just need to move

Could psychedelics be mental health’s "wonder drug”?

The Cybathlon pushes the limits of bionic technology

Gravitational waves show scientists the invisible universe

Is cell-cultured meat ready for the mainstream?

Why that drone sound in movies gives you anxiety

Streaming music is changing the way songs are written

Drone technology is almost ready to swarm the skies

Why America’s opioid epidemic is going global

⭐ Bauhaus design is everywhere, but its roots are political ⭐

Migraine is not just a headache

What should South Africa do with its monuments to apartheid?

Scientists explore the ocean’s eerie twilight zone

⭐ Can you tell broscience from real science? ⭐

K-pop music's unbeatable formula for global success

Tape is here to rescue big data

Workers fighting for the future want a lot more than fair wages

These scientists are simulating climate change to save wine

Ancient civilizations can show us how to protect the Amazon rainforest

Tourists love 'live like a local' travel. Do locals?

Inclusive fashion is the future of runways and retail

H-4, the US visa that stalls Indian women’s careers

Can we beat the flu?

Palau is an island paradise standing up to the world

⭐ The secret life of kids on YouTube ⭐

⭐ American foodies are finally embracing real Chinese food ⭐

The biggest cannabis company in the world

Your next car may be Chinese and electric

How Taiwan became the most LGBT-friendly country in Asia

Meet Granny Sunshine, China’s 71-Year-Old Fashion Model

Hat Man nightmares and sleep paralysis are happening around the world

Is Instagram to blame for why coffee shops everywhere look the same?

Drinking wine after climate change means drinking rare bottles

China's President Xi Jinping is football obsessed

Farms under the sea could feed the world in 2050

Why some hurricanes are most deadly after the storm

Puerto Rico's solar energy insurrection

The Icelandic Language "digital extinction" ?

China's 'soft power' in Kenya

⭐ Made in America? Look closely at cars and you may be surprised. ⭐

How feminists in South Korea paved the way for #MeToo

⭐ The high-tech future of fashion ⭐

Why cryptocurrency is loved by oppressive rulers

The economic case for open borders

China's Factory of Ideas - Chinese internet culture exported

Because China

China’s taste for meat is reshaping Brazil’s economy—and its environment


A small sample of work created for the QZ News show.

The secret life of kids on YouTube

I pitched and co-produced this episode with Molly Rubin. I created all graphics and designed all sets. We went through a lot of plastic eggs.

This was the mood board I created. Here were my overall aesthetic goals:

How to Sell Drugs (Legally)

I contributed animation to this investigative documentary about the opioid epidemic.


Honoree, Gracie Awards, 2020