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Selected animations created for the Quartz News show. Art direction: Arielle Ray. Webby Awards finalist, 2019


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Summer of Love (2017)

A girl goes out in the summertime looking for love.

Cartoon Brew Pick of the Day, 2018
Vimeo Staff Pick, 2017
Animation Nights New York (ANNY), 2019
GLAS Animation, 2018
Ae Film Fest, 2018
Locomoción Experimental Animation Festival, 2017
Lush Creative Showcase, 2017
Ladies With Lenses Screening, 2017
Malt Adult, 2017
Square Lake Film Festival, 2017
Istanbul Comics and Art Festival, 2017
Rimonim Art Gallery, 2017

The fMRI Machine (2019)

What does an fMRI machine think about? And what does it want? In collaboration with Invisibilia and Everything is Alive.

Role: animator

The Marshmallow Test (2018)

Is your personality fixed, or can you change who you are? Created for Invisibilia.

Role: producer

Asian American Film Thing (Caveat), 2019
Video Consortium, 2019
Ottawa International Animation Festival, 2018

The School of Life (2018)

Films created for The School of Life.


cool and professional work only


Created in collaboration with Meghan McDonough. Roles: co-producer, animator
Featured on Quartz, Cartoon Brew, Vice, this tweet. Role: producer
Roles: creative producer, animator
Role: co-animator
Role: co-animator
Role: animator
Role: animator


James Beard Award finalist, 2019
Roles: animator, co-editor
Roles: animator, co-editor
Role: animator
Role: animator
Role: animator
Role: animator
Role: animator
some other stuff i've done check it out dude

An Afternoon Rippling

A text-based 2D adventure game about getting lost in a valley after your car breaks down. In your search for the elusive Mechanic, you have conversations with several strange individuals in a valley. Play it now!

The Complete Encyclopaedia of Humanity

A website that explores anxiety through the format of an encyclopedia. (2015)

Chaos: An Interactive Essay

A personal theory of aesthetics. Created for the Light Grey Art Lab Residency. Coming soon!

Neo Noboru

An infinite runner game created for the 2017 Global Game Jam. (2017)

Social Media Bio Generator

In need of a new description for your favorite social media profile? Generate your own three-part bio here!! (2016)

I'm an animator and video producer in NYC, currently working at Great Big Story. I dabble in comedy and once wore a mustache on camera.

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SELECTED ARTICLES: Game Curator, Rock Paper Shotgun, It's Nice That, Cartoon Brew

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