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Marcie LaCerte is a mixed Chinese-American animator and director based in New York City. She is a 2023 Jerome Hill Alternate Artist Fellow and is using her grant to complete production on her forthcoming independent animated short, The Pleasure-Dome.

She is a former Creative Culture Fellow at the Jacob Burns Film Center, and her work has been recognized by The New Yorker, Vimeo Staff Picks, Ottawa International Animation Festival, GLAS, AFI Docs, and more. Her clients include Vox, PBS, NPR, Quartz, Giphy, and Scientific American. She has given talks at the Columbia College of Art and Design, CalArts Experimental Animation program, Living Room Light Exchange (New York), Bethany Arts Community, and Light Grey Art Lab Residency.

She is interested in making films that use surrealism and satire to explore themes of personal identity and social alienation. She enjoys mixing analog and digital techniques in her work, and she is also interested in interactive multimedia art. In her free time, she enjoys listening to podcasts, designing HTML/CSS websites for friends, and talking about Shrek.

Marcie, an art history fan and fashion lover, coveting this statue's outfit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Email me@marslizard.net for commissions, collaborations, or questions!

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